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Music Background for YouTube.


The question of where to download background music for your videos for free is an acute issue, as YouTube does not allow the use of other people’s music that is protected by copyright. When we use the music of famous artists and authors, YouTube hosting easily defines the rightful author of music.

Today, almost all music that sounds on the radio or television is protected from commercial use. Foreign musical works that sound in the background in our videos have a bad effect on the promotion of videos on YouTube. It, in general, can be removed, blocked or not allowed to monetize. The reputation of the channel itself also suffers.

Copyright may confuse you, and if you have previously tried using music in your video, you may have come across a Content ID complaint. Do not worry. In most cases, you can solve the problem.

I will tell you how it works, we will also talk about various features that you can also take advantage of.

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Music for Content Creators

Why can’t you just grab any music, paste it into your video and upload to YouTube?

Because the authors who write and perform the musical work, and the companies with which they work own the copyrights to these works and the related rights to perform and record these works. This means that they have the right to control how others use their music. One of the sources of income for musicians is licensing music to those who want to use it.

Therefore, YouTube created a built-in Sound Library service to help you find music that you can use for your video for free. This means that you can even monetize videos that include any of these songs.

The Sound Library includes free sound effects that you can also use. The library is constantly updated to have a lot of diverse content.

Where can I Download Background Music for Free?

YouTube Sound Library

Quite a lot of other music is available online, for example, there are “royalty free music” on other services (such as AudioJungle) that allow you to select and license music to create your own videos. Before you make purchases in such libraries, read the terms of use very carefully. Licensing conditions can be different, and despite the fact that they call them “royalty free”, you can still encounter a Content ID complaint in case of incorrect use.

Music Background for YouTube

A special YouTube Music Policies page will show you the rules set by the owners of many popular works.

For example, some videos may not be available in certain countries if they use certain music. But keep in mind, the information in the directory is not the license itself and this is not a guarantee: the owner of the rights can change the conditions at any time.

There are a couple more things you need to know about music on YouTube.

You should also check the YouTube directory or mute the sound in your video if the music accidentally gets into it (for example, if the radio plays in the background of the video in your car) even if it is very short and in poor quality.

In some cases, when your video receives a Content ID complaint about a music track, you can remove the music and then the restriction or ban will be removed. You can also replace your soundtrack with any track from the YouTube audio library. Or you can purchase a license to use music and offer it to YouTube to remove monetization restrictions. You can also use music under a Creative Commons license.

What is a Creative Commons license?

This is a non-profit organization that provides the possibility of public use of creative works through free legal licenses. Creative Commons licenses, this is not an alternative to copyright. CC licenses work together with copyright for video, music, scientific works, which means that the author decides for what purposes his work can be used. For example, for personal or commercial use only. Read more below or go to the official website of creativecommons.org Today, under this license, there are already hundreds of millions of works, which makes it possible to use them for free and for your own purposes. The only negative, it is very difficult to find among a large selection of suitable track by genre and duration.

You can also always find and download the right music for your project on sites offering the use of music. Check them out in this article.
And, of course, SoundAudio offers you its own background music library for download and use (read the Terms of Use). SoundAudio wishes you a good mood!


Music for Content Creators

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